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February 2nd, 2022

Contact Information:
Andrea Ewert, President & CEO
Home Oxygen Company, LLC.

Patients see the benefits of in-person exchange of remediation CPAP

      Home Oxygen Company started the remediation of recalled Philips Respironics equipment last week after receiving multiple pallets of replacement units. After months of planning, all personnel were ready to get to work. “We decided at the onset to handle this ourselves.” Andrea Ewert, CEO of Home Oxygen Company said. “We knew from the beginning we did not want the same company that caused the problem in the first place to handle remediation on our behalf, we are already seeing the positive results and feedback from our patients.” Home Oxygen Company decided to go the extra mile and hand deliver all replacement units due to the rampant theft and loss of mail packages occurring throughout the country as well as delays with all the national logistics carriers. “We wanted to assure our patients have their new unit in their hands before the mail system further complicates this already delicate situation.” Ewert said.

     Home Oxygen Company has produced quick orientation videos to quickly familiarize patients with their new remediation units.

     Home Oxygen Company is a leader in respiratory services in the Central Valley and strives to educate patients about the latest technologies that can help those with respiratory difficulties breathe easier and maintain an active lifestyle. Home Oxygen Company is accredited by the Board of Certification/Accreditation International.

Andrea, Ewert, CEO of Home Oxygen Company delivers a Respironics remediation unit to customer.
Sam Guzman, Account Executive with Home Oxygen Company works with customer on remediation unit