The Power of Choice – Choosing a Medical Equipment Provider & Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Most patients don’t know they can choose who provides their medical equipment.  In most cases, insurances allow you the choice of multiple companies to provide durable home medical equipment.  There are a few insurance companies that “cap” (one flat fee for all product provided) through one company resulting in no choice at all.  Fortunately, most local & regional health plans are contracted with many medical equipment providers to choose from.

With Home Oxygen Company, we expand on the idea of choice by giving you further choice of multiple oxygen systems available on the market today.  Our national competitors will select one (1) Portable Oxygen Concentrator model within a brand and stick to that for years.  They do not promote, educate or offer any other Portable Oxygen Concentrator.  Once you receive that “ONE”, you’re stuck with it.

Home Oxygen Company provides you with multiple choices on brand & models, as we know not all portable oxygen systems are alike.  They vary in oxygen purity, capacity, liter flow capability, battery duration, weight, size, durability, quality and volume.  We carry such manufacturers as Respironics, Invacare, Inogen and Precision.  Models include Repironics SimplyGo, SimplyGo Mini, Inogen One G2 & G3 (Generation), Invacare XpO2 & SOLO2 as well as the Precision EasyPulse.  The Homefill System (fill your tanks at home) also is available.  We carry all these products in stock at both our Modesto & Sacramento location and YES……. THEY ARE ALL COVERED BY INSURANCE……ALL INSURANCES!

We are constantly looking for the next technology that allows our patients more freedom and better durability.  Reliability of Portable Oxygen systems has been of paramount concern and we believe the Respironics SimplyGo is the most reliable Portable Oxygen Concentrator on the market whereas the Invacare Homefill maintains a .5% failure rate (target spec is 2%).  Once you receive your system we hope you enjoy the freedom it provides.  With so many brands in stock, Home Oxygen Company offers you choice between systems and picking the brands that best fit your lifestyle.

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