[ht_testimonials style=”dark”][ht_testimonial image=”1221″]“Bruce and I want you to know how much we appreciate all the help we have gotten from you. Sina has been so awesome helping me with Bruce’s bipap. You have gone above and beyond and it means so much! The ones who take care of the oxygen have always been great! Sam, thank you for your help. Even the ones who answer the phone have been so helpful. It takes a GREAT TEAM to have a good company and Home Oxygen has it! We have been telling everyone what a GREAT company you are and we will continue to do so!”

[/ht_testimonial][ht_testimonial image=”1221″ name=”Mr & Mrs. ***ing”]“We feel like we are very special and important when we enter the office. Also, the girls are always smiling before we even start to talk. The atmosphere in the office is extremely comfortable and warm. We actually like coming just to say hi. If we have a pickup or other errand instead of just one of us going we always say “let’s go together!!”

[/ht_testimonial][ht_testimonial image=”1221″ name=”Margaret”]

Mae is spectacular! Both techs (Modesto and Sacramento locations) were great. Mae actually called me back to let me know the status of the wheelchair order WITHOUT FAIL. She called before I had a chance to call back – AMAZING!

[/ht_testimonial][ht_testimonial image=”1221″ name=”Ed D.”]Vivan was certainly an expert in her field and I think she is the best technical person I have been serviced within the ten years that I have been using a CPAP Machine!

[/ht_testimonial][ht_testimonial image=”1221″ name=”John R.”]Delivery was prompt and instructions were clear & thorough. Staff was courteous and very polite, thanks.

[/ht_testimonial][ht_testimonial image=”1221″ name=”Gene N.”]Rudy was very attentive and patient even after repeated questions. His social skills are impeccable and very charming and pleasant.

[/ht_testimonial][ht_testimonial image=”1221″ name=”Ruth M.”]Vivian was exceptionally informative and patient, both in phone calls and for my appointment. I really believe that she wants what’s best for me. I ask lots of questions, I do my research. Sometimes that’s not well received! Vivian was delighted and treated me as a partner in my therapy. Plus, she was fun!

[/ht_testimonial][ht_testimonial image=”1221″ name=”Shirlee S.”]

Very impressed with the convenience of the equipment. Julia is great & Sam is a fantastic asset to your organization!