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Patients on long term oxygen therapy can be mobile too

Are you living your life? Taking trips to the store, cafe or a movie? Spending weekends away with friends and family? If you use portable oxygen, Philips SimplyGo and Philips SimplyGo Mini are powerful choices for a reliable and lightweight portable oxygen concentrator that can help you do what you want, when you want. Just fill out our form above to see if you qualify.

Meet our portable oxygen systems

SimplyGo Mini

Key Features


  • Lightweight at only 2.3kg
  • Oxygen output up to 1L/min
    for daily use
  • Pulse mode delivers adequate
    oxygen for day to day activities
  • Battery life of up to 9 hours
  • Meets requirements for use
    on board aircraft


Key Features

  • Easy to carry design at 4.5kg
  • Oxygen output up to 2L/minfor most patients’ needs
  • Continuous flow mode with highoxygen output for overnight use
  • Flexible to be away fromhome for extended period
  • Meets requirements for useon board aircraft

Invacare HomeFill Oxygen System

Key Features

  • System includes travel-size 2 lb “featherweight” tank
  • Never change regulators again, every tank has an attached regulator!
  • Takes 20-70 minutes to fill depending on tank size
  • Get rid of tubing, use the tanks around the house and refill
  • Comes with Concentrator, Homefill Compressor, and YOUR Choice of tanks!

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